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  • Roxanne Barton

Your Real Estate Facebook Ads Just Got Easier!

Since Facebook changed its targeting options to prevent discrimination in housing advertising, it has made it extremely difficult to market real estate listings. Creating a strategic plan, targeting a more precise location and choosing the right media can go a long way with an already restricted reach! 

With all these things to think about we wanted to create a checklist for you to make things a little easier when creating ads on Facebook! 


Need help getting started with Facebook Ads?

We are excited to announce we have recently partnered with an online digital marketing company to help get your properties in front of the right audience ONLINE (and you can now order these services directly from our order form)! 

We now offer Facebook Advertising and Social Media Posting!!

When done correctly Facebook Ads can be precise and target your message / listing to show to your ideal customers and you get results that deliver leads! 

Paired with our online marketing kit you have all you need to virtually sell your current and future listings ONLINE!


Contact us for more information on our marketing services or click one of the links below!

Marketing Kit

Marketing Services

Media Services

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