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The New Year is Calling... Ready to step up your marketing game?

The New Year is Calling...

Are you trying to step up your marketing plan in 2022?

We can make it easy for you!

In this day and age virtual showings are more valuable than ever to keep driving traffic to your listings.

We can create an entire virtual showing experience and provide you with digital marketing materials completely online!

Our platform is the best way to showcase your listings 24/7.

Take a look below at just some of the tools you can have

available at your fingertips for your virtual marketing plans!

Property Websites

(24/7 Open Houses)

Choose from a variety of single property website design styles and colors. These sites are designed to be user-friendly, visually appealing, and simple to adapt to your particular needs as you market your listings and build your real estate brand for the future. All websites include branded and unbranded versions. Our Unbranded Link is MLS compliant!

Weekly Traffic Reports

By tracking a variety of key analytics you and your sellers can see what marketing efforts are working. By sending this information to your seller, you can keep everyone in the loop and happy with progress and show that the property is getting traffic, especially virtually!


Information Hotline

(and Lead Capture System)

Every website includes a hotline number that buyers can use to call or text to get more information about the property. On every call or text, your client receives a text message with the buyer's phone number - giving them a fantastic lead on their listing!

Listing Pages

Do you want to display all of your active properties on your website or in one place? Our Listings pages can be customized to show the properties that you want, in the colors and theme that you need. These work great embedded into an existing website or as a stand-alone inventory website.

Social Media Content

Be pro-active about marketing a listing, social media is the place to be. We provide a variety of templates of graphics and videos for posting to social media, making it easier than ever to look good in the online social-sphere. Give your sellers something exciting to share with our pre-designed and sized social media content!

Professional Flyers

With over a dozen flyer templates to choose from, creating a full-page flyer from the high-resolution photos is a snap! Not only do we have new flyer templates in your complimentary marketing kit but you can now link your xpressdocs account with your media account and your photos will get uploaded into xpressdocs automatically for easy design and printing.

YouTube & Vimeo Automation

By uploading your social media videos automatically to YouTube, video marketing stays current and fresh. This works for your channel or whole office channels! Videos are even automatically updated when information on the listing changes! Social media videos can also be automatically uploaded to a Vimeo account for a high quality streaming experience.

Then, pull it all together with our professional media services!

We take pride in being on your team, whether you order:

twilight images

drone photography

3D floor plans

virtual staging

virtual 3D walkthrough


property websites with

social media tools & marketing materials

Contact us for more information on our media and marketing services click one of the links below!

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