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  • Roxanne Barton

Marketing Your Listings on Social Media Doesn't Have to be SCARY

As social media has made it frighteningly difficult to advertise your listings, we've made it easy to promote your properties online and want to treat you to a trial!

We have recently partnered with an online digital marketing company to help get your properties in front of the right audience ONLINE directly from our order form!

Check out just a few of the marketing services below!

Facebook Advertising

We have partnered with a social media certified consultant to create custom targeted ads for your listings on social media to extend your reach! With the correct social media ads you can be precise and targeted so your ads show only to your ideal customers and you get results.

Social Media Marketing

Most people are still not using effective social media posting techniques or ad campaign strategies when it comes to real estate. Let us help you get your listing in front of the right audience on social media.

eMail Campaigns

eMail marketing has become an extremely efficient marketing tool in our overly saturated internet era, reaching a larger target audience. It provides the highest return of all marketing methods and remains the best way to build brand awareness.  

Contact us for more information on our marketing services or click one of the links below!

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