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Mulch Ado about Photoshop

Updated: May 19, 2019

Mulch, like Photoshop can cover a multitude of sins.

Photo taken by Roxanne Barton Media Group

Ask a homeowner, “why mulch?” or “why photoshop?” and you might get a multitude of answers depending on the motivation. The end goal might be to make a house appear more attractive. Add the fact that mulches come in a multitude of colors and you have given mulch a design element that wasn’t original to its real purpose.


Ultimately, mulch is meant to keep moisture in and weeds out. The very nature of mulch is to decompose, break down, deteriorate and feed nutrients to the landscape of the home’s garden. Mulch will need to be reapplied about twice per year and cost approximately $3 per cubic feet.

For much less money per application, photoshop is a quick and easy way to technologically and visually cover a multitude of sins. When it comes to Real Estate marketing, however, photoshop is limited in what it can and cannot do. NAR rules govern that it not be used to the extent of false advertising. Certainly, a property can be digitally staged to spark the imagination of a buyer.

Ultimately, photoshop is meant to enhance the true nature of a seller’s property. Ideally, the professional photographs are taken to bring the serious buyers in and to keep the uninterested out. Both mulch and photoshop are used in the Real Estate market to show your home in its best light. If you are motivated to sell your home before the yard has time to germinate, we can help!

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