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Checklist: How Prep Your Listing for Photos

Get the most out of your photoshoot & grab potential buyers attention by being prepared for the photoshoot!

We do this every day and want to share a few tips with you to get the most out of your marketing investment!

We have also attached a downloadable version to have on hand to send to your sellers!


  • De-clutter!

  • Clean mirrors and reflective surfaces

  • Hide valuables

  • Remove large personal photographs

  • Turn on all lights

  • Turn off all ceiling fans - fans cannot be moving

  • Remove all small rugs

  • Gather or hide cords and wires

  • Hide / remove all garbage cans, waste baskets and recycle bins

  • Remove all holiday decorations

  • Toys put away neatly

  • Put away cleaning supplies (brooms, vacuums, etc.)

  • Replace burned out bulbs - be sure all bulbs are the same color



  • Clear countertop!

  • Stow small appliances (blender, toaster, etc.)

  • Clear sink of dishes

  • Put away dish racks, sponges and brushes

  • Remove food boxes / bins / baskets, paper towels and napkins


Dining Area

  • Straighten / push in all dining chairs

  • Simplify table



  • Make the beds

  • Clear dresser tops

  • Laundry put away



  • Remove towels and robes hanging from hooks

  • Remove rugs

  • Clear counters of toiletries

  • Clear styling tools

  • Remove products from showers and tubs

  • Hide waste baskets



  • Remove all vehicles from the driveway and front of the home

  • Put away or remove trashcans, recycle bins.

  • Roll up hoses.

  • Put toys / bicycles away

  • Remove animal toys / bowls.

  • Straighten all patio furniture

  • Remove pool toys and spa covers.

  • Turn on any water features

  • Remove empty flower pots

  • Remove all Holiday Decorations

  • Close garage door

  • Close front door

  • Remove kids / dogs / cats from windows

  • Complete all lawn maintenance (mow grass, blow clippings and leaves, trim shrubs)



  • Secure or crate cats and dogs. We love our pets, but these might be a turn off to buyers. No pets in photos. They don’t come with the house

  • Hide all pet dishes, beds, kennels, litter boxes, scratching posts and toys.  Our photographers WILL NOT do this.


Following these tips can make the “not so great” quickly become “great” houses!  Call me to discuss your challenges and come up with a game plan to achieve GREAT photos!

Contact us for more information on our marketing services or click one of the links below!

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